Ruth Barker – ‘The Kid Specialist’ is a Play and Learning Specialist and a Montessori Facilitator for toddlers and preschoolers - in particular working with families whose children have special needs that includes developmental delay, learning disorder or advanced development.  She is also a literacy and mathematics tutor for older children. Ruth works from The Hut Child Development and Family Learning Centre, in Possum Creek, Northern NSW or over Skype or Email for families afar.


Ruth Barker has a Social Science Degree - Child Development and Family Studies and a Montessori Preschool Diploma.  With thirty years experience Ruth is a confident advocate for childhood development. Ruth is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with a paediatric interest and is a student member of Occupational Therapy Australia.  She is a former Citizen of the Year and Pride of Australia Medal Finalist.


Ruth Barker has her own online store full of wonderful early development needs at:

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