Ruth Barker – ‘The Little Kid Specialist’ is the Director of Toddler Education Services Pty Ltd. and works as an Early Education Consultant, including writing books and speaking about early learning.  She is a Montessori Guide for toddlers and preschoolers and a literacy and mathematical tutor for children attending mainstream school.  Ruth Barker developed The Hut Child Development and Family Learning Centre in Possum Creek, Northern New South Wales in 2015 after working the business in Adelaide, South Australia since 2002.


Ruth began her career with a Social Science Degree (Child Development and Family) before studying a Montessori Diploma and with twenty-nine years experience she is a confident advocate for early childhood development and program design.  Ruth is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with a paediatric interest and is a member of The Montessori Australia Foundation, Montessori Internationale and a student member of Occupational Therapy Australia.


She is the author of The Parenting 5 books, Practical and Independent Little People and Sensory Motor Play for Little People. They were written respectfully for parents and child-carers to assist with the creation of an early environment that supports life skills, movement, sensory, language, academic and cultural experiences, leading to foundation brain development.  She is also a contributor to Nurture – Australia’s Natural Parenting Magazine where she writes a regular piece, as well as being an avid writer of social awareness books for primary aged children and fiction books for toddlers.


Ruth is also a life choice consultant and speaker for teens and adults - and advocates for organ donation.   She is a firm believer that "no matter where you've come from or what you've been through - you always a have a choice". She is a former Charity Director, Citizen of the Year and a finalist in the Pride of Australia Medal in South Australia. Please see the life choice tab.

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